Why did I major in History?

If I am being completely honest my biggest reason for choosing to major in history may be entirely selfish. This past year almost exclusively made me realize just how little I know and understand about the current state of affairs in the world. I don’t understand how we ended up in this particular day and age and the decisions and events that led us here. My overall comprehension of History is fragmented and fails to provide me a well-rounded image. As a result, I hope that by taking on this hurdle I can better understand the better questions to ask that will lead to understanding the nature of history and the ramifications it has had and will have. I want to teach, I knew that I did since a much younger age. I always thought I would choose classic literature or perhaps mythology but I think History may have more personal significance than either of those. I hope maybe someday I can pass on my thoughts and reflections of the importance of understanding to someone else. Until then I am eager to try and throw myself further into the topics I don’t know and as a result, hopefully, come out with a deeper rooted knowledge in the world around me.