Impact of COVID-19 on my life

In all honesty, Covid-19 has affected me very minimally. As of right now, I am enlisted in the U.S Army, this has not only allowed me to continue working but also given me a safety cushion in times of economic downturn. It’s also allowed me the ability to avoid larger crowds for the most part and away from larger gatherings. I have been lucky, unquestioningly. However, I have been able to observe what precisely happens during a pandemic. I fear it may come off as callous but in a weird sense as someone not directly combating or in direct threat of the virus it almost feels like I operated as a third party looking in. I’ve spent a majority of the pandemic situated in El Paso, a critical hot zone of COVID cases. Stationed at Ft Bliss I was under half days during the stay at home orders. With Strict restrictions to post I managed to avoid large gatherings and clustering inside the city. I had a stable income and a roof over my head. My family was fortunate and though a few close calls came out healthy. Through all of the confusion, uncertainty, and other issues erupting over the nation I realized something important. I understood very little. In both a historical context and a personal understanding of the nation as it is. I made a decision during the pandemic, A decision that I wanted to understand how we got to this point. How using that information can help someone, anyone else in that future. I made perhaps a shortsighted theory that many quote and use history to defend their views. But of those that do few ever understand the context. History is more than just the remembrance of events as to how they happened, It is the accumulation of millions of lives struggling to push to a better tomorrow. I want to know as selfishly as possible the context of it all. COVID-19 in its crushing impact on countless lives gave me sense of purpose for myself.